Angie drinking hot chocolate in Paris.

ANGIE SALAME, Branding and Development

Angie’s mission is to send horrific whipped-cream flavored vodka abominations, 20 ingredient drinks, and crimes against classic cocktails to the “cringeworthy thing of the past” category, just like belly shirts, trucker hats, and platform sneakers. She feels similarly about most PowerPoint presentations but don’t get her started on that.

After a crazy ride in an award winning high-tech startup, Angie decided to make her love (obsession?) for TV into a career and landed at Washington D.C.’s CBS affiliate where she was instrumental in the launch and monetization of numerous web properties. She created, planned and executed innovative multimedia campaigns that included television, web, mobile and event components, most notably for the DC Lottery, IKEA, and McDonald’s.

In November of 2008, she was introduced to Derek Brown while tagging along on a story covering the D.C. cocktail scene. 18 months later she left her post at the TV station to join him on a quest to restore cocktails to their rightful place.


Alisa sampling wines in Oregon.

ALISA COHEN, Operations and Events

Alisa has ordered cocktails in over 40 different sovereign nations. A native of Chicago, Alisa lived in New Orleans and New York before landing in the nation’s capital. Her love of great cities led her to an illustrious career in real estate consulting and economic development, before ultimately pulling her into what makes a city truly unique: its culinary traditions including, of course, cocktails.

Alisa serves as Chair for Taste of the Nation in Washington D.C., a culinary fundraiser to help end childhood hunger. This year’s 1,600 person sold-out event featured 60 top chefs and 10 celebrity mixologists.

Derek and Alisa met while working on a restaurant project. They have since teamed up to throw highly acclaimed events including Taste of the Nation D.C. 2010, and the D.C. Craft Bartender’s Guild Repeal Day Ball 2008-2010.